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6 years after the release of “Technical Enhancement and Theory Fundamentals for Electric Bass (Vol. 2)” comes out this year the new edition of the popular study method that has received great consensus in the world of bass players.
While maintaining the same teaching philosophy of the two previous methods (the first edition published in 2002), this third edition is enriched by many new exercises, new and simpler study tables, new and broader theoretical treatments, new techniques, scales, new stretching practices and much more.
All accompanied by video tutorials and much more material to make the study easier and progress faster.



Have you ever tried to play or think of a riff, a groove, a solo, but not being able to play it on bass?

It happened to me, so many times. And the reason is very simple: your hands do not have enough technique to do it. You have it in your head, but your hands do not get there. They are not enough fast, precise, performing …

This is because most of the Methods of Study and teachers are rightly more likely to teach a bassist to “move” within a piece, to understand it and to accompany it in the most appropriate way.

This method is thought “on the opposite“.

The aim of this method is to make the bassist’s hands so fast, powerful, dynamic, precise and versatile, to put him/her in the conditions to play on the bass any part they want to play, even the most difficult and complex.

This method thinks of the Bassist’s hands as the physical structure of an athlete. And how does an athlete improve and push his physical performance to the highest level? Going to the gym.

This method was then structured, (using the collaboration of experts in the field of anatomy and sports), such as the “training cards” that the instructor prepares for us in the gym, concentrating all the work load on the hands and replacing the “tools” with the Electric Bass. The result was a Study Method divided into “cards”.

Each card includes several exercises, each of which develops a particular muscle, tendon or a particular function (speed, independence, power, coordination …).

As for the exercises of the Gym, these are also to be performed at certain times, with certain repetitions and respecting certain sequences.

A further advantage is given by the fact that almost all the exercises are not an end in themselves, but built on variations of Scale, Arpeggios, etc …, so as to combine business with pleasure: by enhancing the hands you memorize and learn a lot of theoretical concepts.

All the exercises are accompanied by video tutorials in which I explain how to perform the exercise.

The teaching philosophy of this method, therefore, like the two previous versions, remains true to itself, focusing exclusively on the technical development of the bass player.

The uniqueness of this method of study is precisely the fact that it never aims to teach concepts like “groove”, “sound”, “soloing”, but simply provides the bassist with the technical tools that will allow him to enhance his own technique and the mastery of the instrument, as well as to provide in a simple and clear the theoretical basis that will allow it to move safely in environments that also require that kind of preparation.


In addition to numerous technical exercises are also explained several stretching practices aimed only at the hands, very useful to develop and keep toned, reactive and flexible their muscles.


The training cards are placed in progressive order of “load” (effort).

In the Method there is also a chapter that explains specific hand stretching exercises through descriptions and photographs. The same exercises are also exposed and demonstrated in one of my video tutorials.

Just like in the gym, in fact, we subject our hands to intense and prolonged efforts that need to be “absorbed” through Stretching exercises.

Furthermore, Stretching is used to make our muscles and tendons extremely elastic in order to increase speed, fluency and hand coordination.

All the exercises of the cards (Stretching excluded) must be performed on the bass and consist of scales, arpeggios, particular figures (in this way, by practicing the hands you can also really apply what, however, is explained in the section concerning the theory).

The cards, in addition to PIZZICATO, also develop and enhance the SLAP technique, as they also contain a section of exercises dedicated to it and conceived in the same way.


The theoretical subject is treated at 360 degrees, from the most obvious and elementary concepts to rather advanced topics of theory and harmony. These concepts are deliberately treated with a very simple language, and are explained by the use of every type of example that can serve to make them clearer.

This section of the book was written trying to explain in a very understandable way all those topics that are usually quite difficult and not very understandable on most of the study texts.



– in which formats is the method available?

the method is available in ebook format and paper format

– where can I buy the method?

you can buy it on the Amazon store using the link at the top of this page. Or go to the Amazon store and look for Alex Bagnoli

– I do not have a Kindle, can I read the method in ebook format on other devices?

you can download and view the method on any device: Kindle, PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet. My advice is to view it on PC to get a better view of the technical sheets and scores. (I, however, always recommend the paper version for reasons of usability and practicality)

– How can I consult the sample audio and video files?

within the method there are links to multimedia files (video tutorials) reproducible on any device with internet connection

– I would like some more info

write to me: I will be happy to answer your questions